Alief Community Association, Inc., is a non-profit association formed to unite volunteers to promote the welfare of the Alief Community. Alief Community Association, Inc. is not affiliated with any candidate or political group.

ACA serves a community where 80% of the population has been identified as economically challenged, with restricted incomes, and modest means and little or no health care. 82 foreign dialects are spoken in our schools and community, which makes for additional challenges.

Alief Community Association, Inc. is one of the most committed and relied-upon organizations in the community. We have been working towards a healthier community and to improve the quality of life for over 23 years. Among its programs and services, Alief Community Association, Inc. collects food, toys, clothes, books, and assists in finding living quarters for both homeless families and children. The number of homeless children in the community has been shown to be 1500 and increasing. ACA also helps the Veterans and residents in the community all year round.

Each year we produce the annual “Alief International Parade” event that enjoys the participation of over 80 schools, businesses, police departments and community groups from the community. Likewise, we annually we reach out to hundreds of students and businesses in the community offering a great opportunity to showcase their businesses. Our Mission is “ to promote their services in Southwest Houston (Alief) community.” This allows the area residents to come in contact with our future generations, business, and community! And because we are a registered 501C3 organization, your contribution is tax-deductible. Our Federal ID is available upon request.

Board of Directors

Marie Lee


Catherine Lee

Vice President

Delores Jones


Mike Nguyen




Pat Davis –  Alief Education Foundation

Tejal Petal – Houston Community College

Donese Greene – Dignity

Mike Mansur – All Estate

Frank Garcia- Texas Together

Ayo Jeremiah – Leoserv | Digital Marketing